About SMA

Working together is our specialty!

At SMA Machine Constructions (SMA) in the Dutch town of Mierlo, innovative special machines and product related appliances are produced for many sectors. As special machine constructor, SMA for one, has excellent references from the automotive sector, insulation and wood industry, but does not restrict itself to just these industries. SMA embraces the challenge to come up with a practical and result oriented solution for every problem.

Especially with new to be developed products, active collaboration with the customer is of the essence. Every problem or issue that pops up in the design of a specialized machine is solved together by SMA and the customer. So, the name of the game is to think along and then proceed to a good and fast implementation: those are SMA’s strong points. ‘Working together is our speciality!’

SMA can call on the years of experience and know-how that are present within the organisation. This starts at the engineering department, which therefore is continuously busy with the implementation of novel concepts and refreshing ideas in the area of customer-oriented and dedicated machines. So, innovation has an important position in which SMA always takes practical implementation as the starting point. The complete internal organisation is involved with finding the right solution. And the practical experience of project managers, production and assembly employees are eagerly used.

The internationally-oriented organisation is completely attuned to a project-based approach; structured procedures, self-management of all activities, short communication routes and control by one project manager. Combined with a flexible attitude, this guarantees the quick processing of a project, which results in high quality customisation, completely adjusted to the customer’s wishes.